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 Manson Golf & Country Club

 1500 Country Club Lane

 Manson, Iowa 50563




Club House Hours



Daily Opening:

Summer Hours, 9:00am (Subject to weather conditions)

Fall Hours, 4:00pm weekdays, 9:00am weekends


Daily Closing:

In accordance with the Iowa Liquor Laws and the best judgment of the Clubhouse Manager.

League Night:

Monday - Course is closed for League Players, re-opens when League is complete. (Usually around 8:00pm)

Ladies Night:

Tuesday - Course closed at 5:30 PM for Ladies Night, guests must pay $7.00 green fees.

Men's Stag:

Wednesday - Course closed at 1:00 for Men's Stag, guests must pay $7.00 green fees for Stag Night.

Couples Night:

Friday - Course closed for couples events at 5:30 PM, guests must pay $10.00 per couple green fees.

Open Golf: Every Thursday the course is open to all non-members to pay green fees. (Includes the MNW school district)
Golfers Age Requirements:

Ladies Night, Men Stag, Couples Night, and League players must be out of high school.

Club and Open Tournament players must be out of high school.



Course Rules
All players need to sign in the clubhouse before teeing off. Soft spikes or equivalent are mandatory.
Each player must have his/her own set of clubs. NO STEEL SPIKES ALLOWED
No more than 4 players per group unless permission granted by clubhouse manager. Winter rules in the fairway and roughs.
Allow faster groups to play through if green ahead is open. No golf bags on tees or greens.
Keep all carts on paths by tees and outside red stakes by greens, and obey all cart signs. Replace divots, repair ball marks & rake traps.
No men on the course after 5:30 PM on Tuesday for Ladies Night. No ladies on the course after 1:00 PM on Wednesday.
Alcoholic beverages on the course must be purchased at clubhouse. Drop away from any tree 6 feet and shorter in height.
Out of bounds: Line of trees and white stakes on outside boundary of course, Street #7 & #9, and white stakes on right side of #3 are for the tee shots only.
No children under 12 allowed on the course during the weekend, unless with a responsible adult.  Parents are advised to use discretion when allowing their children to play without adult supervision.  Please check the calendar for scheduled events.  REMEMBER: Parents are responsible for the actions of their children.  The Club has the right to restrict cart privileges to anyone.  You must be at least 16 years old to rent a cart from the club.
All players are required to wear some type of shoe to protect their feet from the chemicals used on the course.
See clubhouse manager for other pertinent rules & special golfing events.
No Pets are allowed on the golf course.
The Board of Directors would like to remind owners that the Club is NOT RESPONSIBLE for items lost, stolen, or damaged while stored in cart sheds.  You may want to make sure your personal insurance covers your cart, clubs, & etc. while stored at the Club.



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